by Tony Castellano

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My first offering, released on the fledgling indie label Cleefo, created by Bruce Brown. Bruce and I set a multi-year plan in motion whereas this EP was intended to serve as a teaser a couple of years before the release of the full-length "The Red Hour".


released January 1, 1998

Written, arranged, performed and produced by Tony Castellano

Engineered and Mixed by TC and Ryan "Finch" Porter at Dog-in-a-Sub, Rockville CT, December 1996 - May 1997

Mastered by Steve Wytas at Steve Wytas Productions, West Hartford CT

Illustrations and Graphic Design by Mark Bilokur

Special thanks to Lisa Barber, Robert and Bonnie Brown, Bruce and Amy Brown, Finch, Tony Spada, Chris Weinland, Mark Bilokur, Helen Petrovick, Karl Engler, and the Holiday Revelers (track 1): Robert Mulcahy, Kathy O'Keefe, Art Larson, Melinda Larson, Emma Larson, Robert Mulcahy Jr., Gary Dodd



all rights reserved


Tony Castellano East Hartford, Connecticut

Progressive-rock-influenced multi-instrumentalist and singer who has played with many different bands, including The Bud Collins Trio, Holding Pattern, Ludent Tremmel's Gno, The Realm, and Magnetar, on either bass or bass and keyboards. In recent years he has been playing mostly drums, for several different recording projects and also as a member of his sister's band, Anne Castellano & The Smoke. ... more

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Track Name: Billy's Xmas Spirit
Billy's Christmas list was long and he sorted it with care he dreamed of magical Christmas morn' and all the stuff that would be there he had been a very good boy all year long and he knew he would be duly blessed with the mutant ninja action pack the Simpsons shirt and all the rest but Billy knew old Santa Clause was overworked and run down because he'd seen him ringing bells in the shopping malls around town so he put down plenty of alternates and in case there was some doubt the list price next to every item this is what Christmas is all about Billy grew and fell in with a nasty sort of crowd they'd hang out in the parking lot getting drunk and rude and loud Billy'd learned to hold his own and he carried a long sharp knife when things got dull he'd have some fun and threaten somebody's life at Christmas time he'd wait around outside the expensive shops and rob the innocent passers-by while watching out for the cops their jewelry gifts and cash he'd take as he filled them up with fear Billy chuckled to himself "Gonna be a damn good Christmas this year!"
Track Name: Rifts & Festoons
Track Name: Flagrant Offender
See them down on the golf course in their hundred-dollar shoes
See them down in the tropics on their monthly pleasure cruise
They're the ones who call the shots
They're the "have"s among the many "have-not"s
They're the ones that never come undone
Their decisions affect everyone
See them at the state capital in their thousand-dollar suits
The people want to take acation to upgrade that deadly route
The richest always hold the highest card
They don't want it going through their yard
Talk it to death and just delay
Maybe someday it will go away
Must stay friends with the backers with secure financial states
For without all their funding, there'll be no run in '98
They're the ones who call the shots
They're the "have"s among the many "have-not"s
They're the ones who never come undone
Their decisions affect everyone
I'm hearing what you say and I want you to know I care
But there's no funds to clean that mess of yours down there
Go back and do your job and leave me to do mine
So I can get back to my caviar and wine
Track Name: Knives
Track Name: Billy's Redemption