Walking Like Rudy

by Tony Castellano

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This album is a hodge-podge collection of different things done at various sessions spanning from 1997 to 2001. After completing the 'Your Favorite Spoon' and 'The Red Hour' albums I had exhausted the cache of songs I had written while in The Bud Collins Trio between 1986 and 1989, so these songs were recorded when they were still new and fresh.


released May 8, 2002

Produced and Arranged by T.C.
Co-produced by Chris Weinland

Engineered, mixed *, and mastered by T.C. at the Asylum in East Hartford, CT.
and by T.C. and Chris Weinland at the Treehouse in Mansfield, CT.
* Exception: Tracks 2 and 4 were mixed by T.C. and Finch Porter
at Dog-in-a-Sub in Rockville, CT.

All Instruments and Vocals were played and sung by T.C. except:

Chris Weinland - Drums on track 2, Revolving Drumkit loops on track 5, Bell cymbal on track 9, marching snare on track 11
Ludent Tremmel - Guitar solo on track 2
Gideon Freudmann - Cello and strange noises on track 2, Mellotron on track 10

Gideon Freudmann appears courtesy of Gadfly Records
Ludent Tremmel appears courtesy of Myopicat Records

Recorded at various sessions from 1997 - 2001

Cover and booklet art by Hautewax
Artwork scanned by Bruce Brown
Package design and layout by TC

Thanks to: Chris Weinland, Ludent Tremmel, Gideon Freudmann, FInch Porter, Bruce Brown, Jim Fillmore, Lisa Barber, Homer Simpson, DF.

No Auto-tune!



all rights reserved


Tony Castellano East Hartford, Connecticut

Progressive-rock-influenced multi-instrumentalist and singer who has played with many different bands, including The Bud Collins Trio, Holding Pattern, Ludent Tremmel's Gno, The Realm, and Magnetar, on either bass or bass and keyboards. In recent years he has been playing mostly drums, for several different recording projects and also as a member of his sister's band, Anne Castellano & The Smoke. ... more

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Track Name: DF
Track Name: Wino
shuffling towards your car with a stagger in his step you quickly break eye contact but you know it’s too late soon you’ll smell the stench of his breath in a slurring voice asks you for some spare change you just want him to go so you lie and say you’re broke until he turns away ranting raving mumbling grumbling he’s there waving all day long in a filthy coat holds out his tattere hat with a gleam in his eye friendly now but angry soon if you don’t feed his need growling snarling wheezing whining barking belching babbling on wino at stop sign high hopes for a dime I know he won’t get mine he’s a town landmark he’s been down there for years sure as the sun must rise he’ll be hassling passers-by ‘til they give in to fear crowding shouting hacking cackling muttering sputtering his song by the ATM outside the grocery store he knows you must walk by so he tries to catch your eye as you come through the door pleading impeding wobbling slobbering he won’t notice your disgust wino was once well-paid a crime how his life’s decayed I know ‘cause he taught me in fifth grade
Track Name: Cave Dice
roll the little bones they’re just some chiseled stones I call cave dice I never go too far in my jury-rigged old car but it gets me there why spend an arm and a leg on something I can fix instead the solution improvised and though it may not look nice it’s still working there’s nothing I can’t make with super glue and duct tape just a little imagination will help to realize my creation that’s for certain a dozen things in my house that you could call mickey-moused but that’s unfair though they’re not shiny and new they do what they’re supposed to and I don’t care just roll up your sleeves and apply the elbow grease with some good old-fashioned american ingenuity give me food and seven beers and I’ll alleviate your fears you’ll be a believer when I fix your receiver for free it’s on me folks today are lazy they spend their money like crazy to buy new things the stuff they had was fine they just couldn’t take the time to work with it they could save a lot of cash ‘cause the old stuff’s built to last the junk they make today isn’t worth half what they paid for it and when I fix a part it holds a place in my heart don’t let me hear you saying that it’s just a piece of shit it’s not that
Track Name: Figures / The Letdown
Track Name: Cyclops II: Prequel
shades his eye from the light thinks too much knowledge is a distraction never claims to be bright know enough to get by and how to get some action straight ‘C’ student and proud only lives for the day and the hour often outspoken and loud when he’s that way he’s noticed that some give him power and the feeling it intoxicates realizes he’s got what it takes forms his own gang at school loves the feel of importance it brings intimidation the rule finds the ways to pull all the right strings shows comtempt for the brains know the meek won’t inherit the earth intelligence never reigns charisma style and authority doled out at birth and a conscience is one thing he lacks when he’s standing upon others’ backs joins the local police can’t beat ‘em so I’ll join ‘em he sneers gets to carry a piece the badge on his chest inspires even more fear enjoys all of the perks always likes to use excessive force he sticks with what works never cares about others never feels remorse and his skills they are steadily honed as his heart atrophies into stone looks to politics next decides that is the path to true power a slight change in context but the goal is the same in this setting he’ll flower he holds lives in his hand doesn’t mind when the details get gory addicted to command none will stand in the way of his march to glory as the sun settles down in the sky and the glare blinds his singular eye
Track Name: Cyclops II: Sequel
Track Name: Final Expenses
you say you’re doing fine that you just need time confess you’re unorganized and it’s very unwise you say it’s bad timing and luck that screwed you up it’s just one of those things and it won’t happen again this one caught you by surprise hit you between the eyes you just need a few days and then you’ll be able to pay you’re so very very sorry but I don’t need to worry I should just cut you some slack and very soon you’ll pay me right back it’s no excuse and you’re ever so sorry every month it’s the same old story don’t stick me please don’t stick me don’t stick me with your final expenses I guess it’s time I came to my senses I should prepare for a torrent of lies when you’ve that hang-dog look in your eyes such a believable explanation delivered with apologetic expression I have no choice but to believe what you say but I know we’ll have this talk again another day you try to blame it all on the man say he’s tying your hands claim your intentions are good you’re just misunderstood caught between a rock and a hard place caused your fall from grace always the same tired line and I’m going out of my mind in a strange kind of way I admire you for your special talent with that voice and that face you can acquire anything you might want but I’ll be damned if I’ll be the latest entry in your book of puppets throw you out on the street then for a change you’ll have to learn to rough it
Track Name: Viamalin
Track Name: Nozzle Problems
Track Name: The Circus Comes To Town
Track Name: Circus Tragedy