The Red Hour (2014 Remix)

by Tony Castellano

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My first full-length release, including all the best tunes I had at the time. Remixed 2004-2014 at my home studio.


released January 1, 2000

Written, arranged, and produced by TC.
All Instruments and vocals were played and sung by TC except where noted below:
Chris Weinland - drums and percussion: "Pink Slip" (right channel),
"Dunce Cap", "Cyclops", "Och!"
Tony Spada - guitar solos: "Pink Slip" (first solo), "Miserable Sun"
Ludent Tremmel - guitar solo: "Och!"
Pat Guiney - guitar solo: "Dunce Cap"
Matt Lehr - guitar solos: "Bloody Glove"
Mark P. Mulcahy - end guitar solo: "The Big Bang"
Bruce Brown - Ebow guitars: "Pause"

No Auto-tune used on the vocals!
All songs copyright 1999 Tony Castellano

Recorded by TC at the Asylum in East Hartford CT, and by Chris Weinland at Dog-in-a-Sub in Rockville CT, between December 1997 and December 1999. Mixed and mastered by TC and Chris Weinland at Dog-in-a-Sub, December 13-20, 1999. Cover art by Hautewax. Original package design by Bruce Brown and TC.

Thanks to Chris Weinland, Tony Spada, Pat Guiney, Ludent Tremmel, Matt Lehr, Mark P. Mulcahy, Bruce and Amy Brown, Lisa, Larry, Finch Porter, and Jeff Brewer.

All tracks remixed between 2004 and 2014 by TC at The Asylum in East Hartford CT. Mastered April 2014 by TC at The Asylum.
New package layout and design by TC.



all rights reserved


Tony Castellano East Hartford, Connecticut

Progressive-rock-influenced multi-instrumentalist and singer who has played with many different bands, including The Bud Collins Trio, Holding Pattern, Ludent Tremmel's Gno, The Realm, and Magnetar, on either bass or bass and keyboards. In recent years he has been playing mostly drums, for several different recording projects and also as a member of his sister's band, Anne Castellano & The Smoke. ... more

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Track Name: Recurrence
Track Name: Pink Slip
last week I wasn't thinking about a change in my career been working at the factory for six months and a year never really worried about my job security but this morning I came in to find a little present waiting for me pink slip sorry to have to let you go but we can't afford your stay you know here's your pay and severance too farewell now good luck to you and twenty other chumps thrown out into the cold you never did believe all of the bullshit you were sold 'bout how the firm is doing fine positions are secure only to find in two weeks time yourself among the poor pink slip it's hard for me to bring the news but we all must do things we don't choose we must react while there's still time removing your job will save mine my private plane and my chauffeur these things are all I care about oh one last thing be sure the door don't hit your ass on the way out so you head off to the bank a ringing in your head standing in the unemployment line feels like part of you is dead and you know that you'll get drunk tonight tomorrow sleep 'til noon but soon you'll have to find a job or your life will be in ruin pink slip see you later it was fun your life has only just begun I hope that things all turn out right although there are no jobs in sight we are travellers on the brink captains on this stormy trip and despite what you might think we won't go down with the ship we are not in any trouble we're not sliding down the drain we're just a little bit in the red nothing to worry about no one's position is in any danger have faith remember we're the little train that could used to get up every morning at the first light of day hauled your body into work 'cause there were bills to pay tried to always be on time and rarely called in sick you thought that it might spare you from the short end of the stick but justice has a way of turning out to be a lie one guy who kept his job is tardy three days out of five some days it would be many hours before he'd give a call to say he'd not be in 'cause of another drunken brawl pink slip seniority doesn't count we want him in we want you out though you'll complain, we need not fear because you have no rights in here's another example of what is and isn't fair in the mind of some executive who's not all there upstairs they did lay off one bigwig fat pig get the story clear his severance pay was twice as much as you made in a year pink slip don't be such a lousy sport a cynical and bitter sort show us you're a gracious loser at least I'll keep my cabin cruiser my mansion and my limousine my country club and servants too although you may think it's obscene there's not a damn thing you can do haven't you figured it out yet what we dish out is what you get you may believe that we don't care well we never said that life was fair you are not needed anymore and although you may be missed as soon as you go through that door we can forget that you exist
Track Name: Cyclops
mighty titan towering high hurling thunderbolts across the sky your strength and power widely known but all perception's turned to stone you just can't see the forest for the trees you just can't see you're crawling on your knees your field of view is a flattened plane so near and far are both the same your optical system is inept at giving you any sense of depth you don't know what I'm talking about you can't miss something you were born without you live your life for the present day the future's just too far away right now you're having too much fun to take advice from anyone consequences aren't your concern resources are for those like you to burn your 2D world looks neat and clean you never see behind the screen you'll always manage to evade having to clean the mess you've made it's so damn easy to plunder rape and rob responsibility's someone else's job singular eye what's it like to be so blind to all but your own needs so short of sight that I don't know if you should be blamed or pitied for all your crimes your kind's existed many years preying on others' doubts and fears standing tall an impressive sight protecting us from the evil night you once were very successful with this tool today we're not so easily fooled finally we're getting smart we're replacing the defective parts no more will the greedy and corrupt be allowed free reign to run amuck
better be ready to face the heat your kind will soon be obsolete singular eye it was just a matter of time before we saw through your thin disguise you can only fool everybody some of the time and it looks like the long party's over your singular eye it was never meant to survive you were just a short-sighted vision and we're partly to blame 'cause we all should know you don't let children play without supervision
Track Name: Dunce Cap
what can you do when you're dealing with fools you can just shake your head and keep your mouth closed you know you can't win with the deal that you're in but it's all that you've got and that's how it goes you're such a nice guy as they're sucking you dry think you'll get your reward for all your good deeds well listen to this that just ain't how it is because all they care about is their own greed sit in the corner and put on your dunce cap I don't understand how you take it how many times have you given your trust sap only just to have someone break it what did I tell you 'bout pulling the just act for bastards who will never return it there's only one way you can summon your punch back sometimes you gotta know when to burn it down you stare as they rob you bare you just cannot speak for if you said what was in your head you'd be out on that bleak street so you try to hide the burning rage inside turn the other cheek and once again you have lost my friend and you're feeling so I feel like flying a million miles away I feel like vanishing off of the planet today another new start with your childlike heart you come out unguarded arms wide open I don't know why you even bother to try it's just a matter of time before they're broken carry the weight start 'em with a clean slate allowing them the benefit of the doubt but you won't have found what'd been going down until you've been completely cleaned out how does it feel to be wearing that dunce cap don't you feel just a little bit dumb I thought that after I had set you straight once that you'd understand where I was coming from remember the times all the neighborhood punks had tormented you and nearly made you cry there's only one way you could've gotten your lunch back just look the muthas straight in the I can see it appears you don't want to hear it's only for your own good it's not my choice to be a sympathetic voice you never thought that I could or would I'm just trying to help you get a hold of yourself and not be misunderstood if you don't take a stand you'll be body-slammed and you won't feel so I wish I was a meteor shooting through space I wish I'd never been born in the first place you talk too much you don't talk enough you think too hard you ain't got the right stuff you speak your mind but only to yourself boiling inside it's gonna wreck your health a bit of advice from me to you open your eyes screw or be screwed maybe it's time that you took off the dunce cap don't you agree it's time to get wise you have to stop whining over getting a bum rap you have to stop believing all those lies well I may be wrong but I've got a hunch that you'll finally accept the sobering news forget all the things that they told you 'bout trust Jack the nice guy's always destined to lose that despondent course and get back on that horse try to hold your head high don't you back down when they run you around look 'em straight in the eye my faith's in you to make it all come true it is all in your grasp as self doubt dies you may be surprised you might not finish I don't feel quite as bad as I did yesterday I feel like everything just might turn out A-OK
Track Name: (The Infamous) Bloody Glove
Track Name: Pause
sometimes you'll find that you can stand neatly inside the pulse of the second hand motion shuts down frozen in space looking around time seems stopped in place no tube no phone freed from all sound just you alone feet rooted to the ground slow breaths you take gazing at the sky fearing space will break wishing that you could fly it won't last long soon in rebirth mankind's loud song awakens planet earth just think and feel in times like these when all seems unreal you'll find yourself at peace
Track Name: Miserable Sun
Track Name: Old Man Lotto
holding up the line at every 7-11 store getting his scratch'n'wins and his play four goes out to the parking lot to see if he's struck it rich to uncover three matching symbols is his greatest wish he'll spend every extra dollar on a chance for wealth he'll forsake everything neglect his hygiene and health he refuses to listen to all the things he's been told that piece of paper's his ticket to the pot of gold and if after scratching he should happen to score he'll say cash this in son and give me ten more cash it in son scratch'n'win son soon it'll happen to me cash it in son scratch'n'win son one day I'm gonna be free from the medical bills and the rations of government cheese free from the stigma of food stamps and the stiffening pain in the knees my children don't care they've all got their own lives so I'd better hold out until my ship arrives they all think I'm a fool for all the money I've spent so when I finally cash in they're not getting a cent and though I'm aware it won't be long 'til I die they say you can't take it with you but I'm sure gonna try my social security check is all gone in a couple of days you're all wrong if you think that I've just been throwing it away somebody's got to win so why can't it be me they're all laughing at me now but soon they'll be on their knees for twenty years now I've been dependent on kin so I'd better keep scratching 'til I eventually win and when that day comes I'll rise and walk upon air I'll live out my twilight years without a care tell me what else would you expect me to do it's the only thing left I have to look forward to
Track Name: Och!
Track Name: Jagged Helmet
the verbose recipient and the debonair probe the elastic xylophone and the conjugal wheeze the tenuous legacy and the quiescent frontier the succulent grimace and the mottled boutoneire you know when that lawn patrol comes 'round you'd better have your grass cut down I don't wanna know what happens if they catch you and when that psychedelic snowblower goes by don't you look it in the eyes there's nothing it can do that could help you you just don't know the ominous toboggan and the haughty refreshments the nimble anachronism and the impudent yodel the somber pomegranate and the gabardine lobster the clammy vestibule and the belligerent sandwich you know when I look into your eyes I see emptiness and waste I see the blank look on your face when I tell you you know we're playing by my rules I don't have to tell you what they are I can even change 'em on the way if I want to there's no point to miss
Track Name: The Big Bang